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Pure Platform E-Commerce

Allowing businesses to have access to customers directly WITHOUT buying individual information about us from third party companies, while spending the same money they are planning to spend on advertisement anyways, except now the money goes to the people instead of companies in the middle.

Erbil Delivery E-Commerce

Delivering Essentials & Stores in Erbil!

Inspire Solutions IT Services

Inspire Solutions is an Iraqi company with a registered number (000079609-02) and as an authorized business partner for international and regional companies.

MetaPharma Online Retail

A B2B platform designed to facilitate pharmaceutical wholesale.

Ideal Payments E-Payments

A modern and experienced electronic payments, card payments and mobile.

Kulshy E-Commerce

The first Iraqi website to sell all electronic devices at the best prices.

Mishwar Online Retail

A grocery delivery startup in Baghdad. Online Retail

An online food ordering app and website in Iraq.

Karwa Transportation

New cab hailing startup launched in Baghdad. Allowing users to order a cab from.

I Hire Jobs Platform

Provide permanent and temporary jobs. admin, Sales, Marketing, Call Center, Travel.

Medresty Education

The main objective of the program is to provide a modern and sophisticated environment.

Sandoog Logistics

On-demand logistics and order fulfilment company. Online Retail

is an application that delivers food from a variety of restaurants in Sulaymaniyah. has it's own delivery system that bring food from the restaurant to its costumers' home.

My Solution Marketing and Advertising

My Solution helps newly emerging companies via offering Digital Media Services. My Solution offers advertisements, digital event planning, digital media monitoring, video services, animation services, analytical reports, branding and sound production. My Solution operates in Sulaymaniyah and Erbil.

Bazary Online Online Retail

BazaryOnline is a website that delivers items from Amazon, Ebay and other online websites from anywhere in the world to KRG.

Code Lab Education

Code Lab is an intensive software development boot camp which focuses on writing clean and efficient code to produce scalable and maintainable software products.

Chanbar E-Commerce

A free service  websites that allows merchants to create online stores. 

BOLDBIT Developers

Mobile Application development based in Erbil. 

M-Store IT Services

Apple reseller and service provider. 

Yalla News

A newsletter that covers topical news from Iraq.

Mredy Online Retail

A market place for customers to buy and sell products. Based in Baghdad. 

kurdigo Real Estate

A Real Estate market where customers can buy, rent, sell their property online. 

Kurdshopping Online Retail

A market platform for buying and selling products in Kurdistan

Miswag Online Retail

A shopping website focused on beauty and fashion. 

Fedshe Online Retail

General ecommerce site (fashion, technology, etc)

RiTS IT Services

The company provides services in application development, enterprise solutions, business intelligence, and managing IT services. Based in Baghdad. 

Avesta Group Developers

Avesta provides IT services including Website development, Application development, cloud services, and finding the right domain name. Based in Sulaimani. 

Nadrus Education

Nadrus is an Arabic online platform that provides training tools for different fields such as Photoshop, Excel, SQL Server, and Camtasia studio.

Mesaha Graphic Design

Mesaha offers services in creating posters, illustrations, caricatures, storyboards, cartoon paintings and animations.They also provide training workshops for artists and designers. Based in Baghdad. 

fikraSpace Developers

Fikra Space is a market place for promoting entrepreneurship. Based in Baghdad. 

myeDream Developers

myeDream helps empower and enable young people to turn their dreams into a reality. It is an official member and representative of the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN). Based in Ebril. 

Gravity Communication Agency Marketing and Advertising

They help business with marketing, social media promotions, events, and advertising campaigns. Based in Erbil and Baghdad. 

Click Iraq Marketing and Advertising

They provide their customers with digital marketing guidelines and solutions. Based in Sulaimani and Erbil.

d3 Studio Developers

d3 helps businesses from developing their brand design to developing softwares and applications. Based in Baghdad. 

Cybertronics Developers

Cybertronics develops web pages and mobile applications. Their works include Bersima, and Yellow Pages Iraq. Based in Erbil. 


Qalato Real Estate

It is a property market place where customers can buy, rent, sell their property online.

Autobaba Automotive

Autobaba is a car market place where customers can buy, sell, or rent their cars online.